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Cause Celeb: Internet Fame

Wednesday, September 12, 2007
It seems that we stick to evolution and gravitate towards those based on what's big at the time.

The Old West - Who's the Best Gun in the West?
Plays/Theater - Tho art intriguethed!
Politics start up - Presidents in the Spotlight
Radio Dramas- It's all in the Voice...
Technicolor Movies- Hellooooo Movie Stars
Musicians - Duh.
TV; Isn't the base of it now, Reality TV in some form?

Our culture has developed a whole new obsession with this now.
US, People, OK!... Blogs (hi!), Perez, Celebreality, blah blah blah blah...

I guess it would make sense that now, as the internet develops - we'd start having internet celebrities - but i'm so curious as to where these people start and how they get launched. That Britney Spears freak sure got his 15 minutes of fame for being a retard [the main reason i'm not linking him again]. But I've noticed a few lately that are using it to their max potential and making a career out of it...

What a fun [overwhelming] job.

A celeb/human that's consistent, web-obsessed and happy to expose their every moment [pretty much]:

Tila Tequila:

Yeah Yeah... the Myspace Mistress that built her empire from another previous networking utility and is now, the Queen of contacts - and only second in friends tallies next to Tom. OOooh, Tom.

Since she's started -- she's done a few risque spreads, put out a cd and even made an appearance in Adam Sandler's latest I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. I think we'd call her... a "charactor" celeb - in that - she'll ever be all about sex sex sex sex sex.

Lonely Girl15

Beginning in June, 2006 - this interactive web-based video series appeared regularly online. It caters to the life of a teen girl named Bree (lonelygirl15) - a 16-year-old blogger that posted video replies to viewers.

To collaborate, a Myspace page was created - but people started to wonder if this was a teaser campain for a movie (i.e. Blair Witch) or if it really was just about a teenage girl. By the time YouTube picked her up (Aug 2005), she eventually got outed as 19-year old New Zealand Acress Jessica Rose (who now stars on the ABC Series Greek. There is even a full list of Producers and actors associated with the show. DYI TV. The hype on Youtube helped spaw a spinoff - KateModern.

Lonelygirl was the first internet series to introduce product integration.

iJustine (Justine Ezarik):

Ok... I've been watching this chick for about a month.

I'm fascinated that a 23-year-old that is so pretty and so involved with a number of projects (recently competed in the Yahoo Talent Show, has her official blog, Mommy Pack My Lunch, - where she produces random videos and podcasts with her best friend, Desiree, has a live, 24-hour television feed. and also part of Xtrain, a tv/internet teaching series) will let you into her life this much.

You gotta give it up for the pretty girls that aren't affraid to laugh at themselves. Def. a girl with whom i'd like to be friends.

She came to my attention with her quick short on the new iPhone Bill (she is an Apple Afficianado) -- and then the rush of the videos piled it. It reminds me of the videos my little sister and I used to make when we were 13 - man, if we had had the tools!

She's too much fun - and I have to imagine at such a young age, and with all that drive - we're going to be seeing her around more frequently.

Stevie Ryan

This chick is way cool in my book. About 9 months ago, she caused quite the ruckus with her regular "vlogs" on YouTube - 6,000 friends bought into it (she's created multiple accounts to create personas for all of them), and a majority felt jipped when they'd been lied to.

Pssshhh, bitch please! Get over it. I love her!

She's a classic beauty - that is a little Gwenesque (No Doubt Days) mixed in with a little Tracey Ulman.

I don't know how big she is now, but her story was pretty spread out on the news awhile back....


So ok, what. Be pretty? Or act outrgeous. Or both?? IS that how it worked for everyone else? i guess so..because most people are boring as hell to watch

Those are just a few of many - (notice they're all girls) and I'd say it's a pretty sweet way to get your name in lights -



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