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Music Tuesday: Try Something New!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Holy Crap, Kids. September must be official CD Release month, because I have 22 new albums hitting stores Today, September 11, 2007:

50 Cent - Curtis: Pleasantly Surprised. I haven't ventured into rap for a long time - but the beats are so hip hop, it's def. something I'd rock in the club. Check out - I get money, Come and Go, Follow my Lead and All of Me by Lovely miss [mary j] jane.

Ani DiFranco -Canon 2xCD greatest hits: I've never been one for Ani (I know, sad, huh?) But i'm guessing if anything is going to grab me - it'll be her Greatest Hits.... all you folk chicks and lovers will most likely add this to your collection although you already have all her discs... Because Ani's fans are fiercly loyal.

Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam: Meh... different. I could hear this at a coffee house in the back and dig it - but probably wouldn't roll it on a regular basis. I have to imagine that experiencing this live would be intense and enjoyable - but I doubt I'd buy their cd afterward because the live show is 75% of the charm.

Dirty Projectors - Rise Above: Ooooh.. i kind of dig it. I thot these kids were spanish at first and then a sound bursts out the speaker kinda like Pixies meets... a little 1950s charm... Fun harmonies... great, unique lead voice. One of those bands that seasons their music with a little bit of everything and actually pulls it off without overwhelming you. Check out the live track: Rise Above...

Figurines - When the Deer Wore Blue: I only got to sample out their last release Skeleton --- fits into the veins of the "the" bands (hives, strokes, etc) - but without as strong of a lead voice.

Film School - Hideout: I was just going to peg them for a Larimer Lounge band and whallah! They are playing there in November :) Creative... lots of synth - and i'm guessing an apple computer with lots of samples. I'd be ok for 2 songs... but overtly busy.

Black Francis - Bluefinger: Drink a bunch of beer and dance it off at a hole-in-the-wall that you're def going to have a good time in to this. This is Rock...

The Go! Team - Proof Of Youth: Oh lord. I thot when i Saw Pop/Indie/Hip Hop I was going to love, but this sounds like those shorts they did on Sesame Street in 1979 where a couple would run through a wheat field...

The Good Life - Help Wanted Nights Their 2000 Album [Novena on a Nocturn] sounds good... more experimental and upbeat. 2004s Album of the Year is slow as hell. Too "slit your wrists" depressing for me... I have no reference to the album, but let's hope they brought 2000 back or the good life ain't that grand.

Grand National - A Drink And A Quick Decision: I know it has nothing to do with the music, but I love love love the album cover. Our beloveds from the UK are a fan of the 80s - and you can hear it in this album.

Joe Henry- Civilians: ooooh. s to the e to the x to the y. smooth voice like buttah. i love this. I'd cook spaghetti and steak dinners to this with my honey.

Hot Hot Heat - Happiness Ltd: Refreshing. Definately good. The verdict's still out on Steve Bays (singer)' voice --- but yeah... definately refreshing... I'd like to see Born in the Flood Open for them at Bluebird or Fillmore.

Jupiter Rising - Electropop: Reminds me of a soundtrack for a movie like Mean Girls... or... Coyote Ugly...some touching film about some girl struggling with her innerself to break out and find out who she really is...

Oakley Hall - I'll Follow You: I had heard Country /Bluegrass 6-piece. Not what I hoped for... but good mood music should the approriate situation present itself --

Pinback - Autumn Of The Seraphs: meh...

Emma Pollock - Watch The Fireworks:Hmm... Alternative/Showtunes/Melodramatic Popular Song. Pretty Voice. Pretty well constructed songs... but not catching my attention. Maybe you'll like it :)

Qui - Love's Miracle: Qui? YOu mean... Que? No me gusta. Not even un poco.

Jonathan Rice - Further North: Sings like John Mayer post him getting better... I.e. Peanut Butter in the Throat. OK sound...but... kind of seems like it would have fit in better in 1998 with Vertical Horizon and stuff...

Shout Out Louds - Our Ill Wills: Fun. Differnet. Very UK. Check out Tonight Remix on their myspace page. It kind of makes me want to put on Abba... :)

Simian Mobile Disco - Attack Decay Sustain Release: London. 2007. Rave. Ecstacy. Lots of Drinkage. Boom chick boom booom.

Kanye West - Graduation: I want to do the Robot to Stronger. Of Course Can't Tell me Nothing is awesome... oooooooh! Who will win in the war of Kanye vs. 50 cent? MAn.. in the current sample - i'm diggin on 50cent better (that may also be because of the snotty comments Kanye made at the VMAs about not winning...) but you gotsta love his duet with Fall Out Boy on "This Ain't a Scene" (which... has nothing to do with Graduation. haha

Ann Wilson - Hope & Glory: How can you not love Ann's Voice? I always think of my little Angie Sue when i hear heart because she does a mean cover of Alone. Ann's got the same bitchin' voice with a little less rock and a little more Worldly feel to her solo stuff...

I don't have much to offer up as to what I'm listening to this week, because I've been sampling a lot of new stuff - and also sticking to my favorites from last week. How great was the Karaoke-type set-up that MTV VMA's did Showcasing Mark Ronson with his band along with some notable frontman (Akon - Smack That, Adam Levine (Maroon 5) - Wake Up Call, this guy, and even his own take on The Smiths - Stop Me with Daniel Merriweather singing their singles along with it? LOVED IT... where's my tracks, please?



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