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All Those Sweet Love Songs

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Everytime I hear a sob lovesong from a hot, new artist, I can't help wonder what the hell he did to get there.

I have to laugh at all those groupies in the front row thinking this man has such a heart of gold and, "poor guy! how could any girl give him up! I bet I can come to his aid with... with... felacio!"

Except they don't say felacio, because clearly they're not smart enough.

But, I'm sure if you asked the last few girls that "poor guy" dated (especially the one that got away) - it's probably because he was a giant tool.

Call me jaded - but I've dated three of this kind and while there are boys that get ripped up and treated like trash by the bad girls, they aren't bearing their souls in front of an audience of... 11-300 (depending on how good their band actually is).

These are the bad boys breaking the hearts of us good girls.

When we get a chance to make them feel that remorse - do they buck up and get better?
Well... to our face.

But mostly, they just write sad-bastard songs and live in their world where mine is way more interesting (constant nights out with new men and all-night lovefests) than it actually is (sleeping til 2, watching ANTM marathons on the couch til 5 - movie theater at 8). This ultimately just dives these boys deeper into their problem - because the hole that girl left still can't be filled, and all this does is build up more hurt and bitterness, which leads to more lamenting, then more groupies, and an even bigger hole.

Damn you groupies for feining for someone who always wants to be a victim.
That's so... attractive.

But god love you bad boys that help bring us good girls somewhere to the middle of the bell curve.
We all balance out and end up with ultimately good men (who we really appreciate, because of you) and only pull our bad girl card when absolutely necessary.

I've come more easily to understand how easy it is to handle someone the way that I used to get treated. Life is cake when it's all in your hands and the other person sits desperately aside and just waits for you to call on them.
But what a way to treat someone.

Doesn't it just eat you up with guilt and disgust?
If it doesn't... then how can you call yourself human?
How can you justify living this way?
Isn't it exhausting?

I guess hot girls that never ask why and boatloads of money for your hit singles are a good distraction.

[and no, i do not make the sweeping generalization that this encompassesall musicians, nor am i excluding women.]



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