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New Music/Movie Tuesday

Tuesday, September 4, 2007
Tuesday's always been a celebratory day in my world, because Tuesday = new cd/movie release day.


This week: A bunch of people (save Suzy and Ted) I've never heard of...

Johnta Austin - Ocean Drive
Well, hello, gorgeous, tattooed chocolate bear!
R&b/pop/hip hop artist that knows how to dress hella well. Has worked with Jermaine Dupri (Mr. Jackson, if your nasty), Mariah Carey and Mary J. Blige. Very much along the veins of all the other R&B jazz out there that we (ok...you) be sexin/dancin.

Manu Chao - La Radiolina
I can't get any of this music to play - but I would guess ¬°El chico que quiere cantar quiere jugar el golf!

Suzy Bogguss - Sweet Danger
I remember growing up on Suzy a little bit... because if you're from Sodak, you're always a little bit country. She's cute. She can yodel. Why the hell not?

Ted Nugent - Love Grenade
Aaahhh.. everyone's favorite NRA member! Nobody knows how to party harder... except maybe Brett and the Rock of Love Girls. (P.S. Did anyone notice this week, Sam FINALLY smiled when she got CUT?! WTF?!) I'm guessing this will hit the classic rock peeps harder then us hipster folks... and maybe all of you with dead animals all over your living room.

Patti Scialfa- Play It As It Lays
Hmm.. Folk Rock Singer Sonwriter. I don't love her. At all. Maybe if she would have been around during Bob Dylan and Janice in the 60s... But i'm sure there's some sad soul out there that will swiftly cling to this new album... You can catch her on pretty much every late show this week. I will be... not watching. :)

Calvin Harris - I Created Disco [international release was on June 19]
Clearly this is going to grab my attention outright being from ... the UK! Boys - put on your best pink shirts, grab an appletini and come make sweet sweet dance love up in the club with Sami Jo. This is Totally 80s and I totally need to buy a sweatband for my head. My favorite: Neon Rocks.

Looks like all of the record companies are saving new releases for the end of the month [Sept. 25]


Always, ALWAYS take advantage of the weekly freebies on iTunes. If you hate it, big whoop.

This Week:

Paul McCartney - Nod Your Head
Bruce Springsteen - Radio Nowhere
Ledisi - Alright
Crisantes (Latin) - Nuevo Mundo

So all industry crap aside - stuff that i like (and you should trust me, because my taste doesn't suck):

of course...
Matt Nathanson - Some Mad Hope
I'm starting to really pick up on the U2 influence in how matt writes. good lyrics here... needs some time to grow, but the live performance is shining example of awesomeness. come with me and my suzamaphone next month to see him at the Bluebird. If you're disapointed... I'll buy you a cupcake.

Said The Whale - Taking Abalonia
Quirky and Canadian. I can pick out a select few of my friends that would listen to this in a regular basis. A little odd, but I love it! My Favorite: Better For You.

Mark Ronson - Versions
I bought this back in July right after a friend of a friend (Thanks Chip/Aaron) mentioned him on our six hour drive back to D-town. He's produced the likes of Lily Allen and Amy Wino (that kind of jazzy/hip hop sound - loves it and love both those girls) and is being featured heavily this week on MTV in rotation for the Music Awards (at which he will also be performing). - Check out "Oh My God" featuring Lily Allen (on My Myspace Profile right now, and "Valerie" featuring Amy. He also does a mad cover of Britney Spears' Toxic - which is kind of fitting right now....

Guilty Pleasure this Week

Heidi Montag - Body Language
Believe me, I'm annoyed I like this, too... but if this came on at a club - watch out boys.

New DVD Releases

Georgia Rule (Jane Fonda, Felicity Huffman, Rehab Ho-Han)
Delta Farce (Larry The Cable Guy, Bill Engvall... here's your sign!)
Bobby Z (Paul Walker, Laurence Fishburne - We all know how awesome of an actor Paul Walker is!)
Wind Chill (two college students car breaks down on a scary, haunted road. ooooh. King Sooper's $1 rental)

The Office: Season 3
("You like coal mines and you want to see 'em? Well check them out, yo, at the Anthracite Museum!")
Desperate Housewives: Season 3 (lame)
Nip/Tuck: Season 4
Robot Chicken: Season 2 (Bock bock bock bock bock bock bock bock!)
Prison Break: Season 2
Spongebob Squarepants: Season 5
30 Rock: Season 1 (Poor Alec probably slowed sales)
I Dream of Jeannie: Season 4 (Yes! Barbara Eden sans Belly Button)
The Black Donnellys (Did this make it past season 1?)
Bosom Buddies: Season 2 (Yes! Tom Hanks in a Dress!)
Rules of Engagement: Season 1

Happy Listening/Watching.



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