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A New Venture into Reality Television

Sunday, September 2, 2007
Six people - two teams -one whole new way the creative minds behind television programming to challenge regular people looking to put their problem-solving skills to work.

Spike TV takes a stab at Murder, a new series that recreates past crime scenes (names/locations changed to protect the innocent), corpses, evidence, etc. to see if these two groups of people can solve the murder and close the case.

Each episode opens with a summary of the case. We see real crime scene photos, hear the 911 call that started the case and are instructed on how to begin investigations (visit the crime scene, collect evidence for their files, and watch interrigation videos with suspects at large).

Each team has 48 hours to solve the case (reminiscent of The First 48 - most murder cases, the majority of the crime proccess is unwrapped in those first two days). Talk about attention to detail.

We follow the teams as they sift through the crime scene (complete with murder victims - which are extrememly lifelke) and Spike asks you... "Can you solve the crime before our teams do?"

It's natural to think that these producers (who also directed MTV's The Real World) started watching gorey, horror films at a young age and probably sat together brainstorming this series....

I've only seen one episode so far, but if you enjoy crime investigation shows and can stomach blown-off faces and teenagers with stab wounds... then you'll probably find this series easily grabbing your attention. You can definately see even from one episode that they plant appauling evidence to try and throw the 'investigators' off of the case. Only those clever enough to pay close attention to detail will close the file, and win money for one of the victim's charity of choice.

Thanks to the internet, you can watch all full episodes online right here

Have your fill, but be warned... although there are several shows out there with photos/videos of graphic nature, somehow walking through it and recreating the dead bodies... just seems more disturbing.

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