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Science, Dinosaurs and Maybe a few other Touchy Issues

Wednesday, June 20, 2007
I'm programmed pretty heavy on the right side of my brain -- Artist, Photography, Journalist, Interior Design, Graphic Design -- hell, i'm even left handed.

But I"m always reminded that I'm equally brainy/intrigued when I get excited about Accounting procedures (my mom calls it the "Indiana Jones of Numbers" - which oddly enough - is completely accurate), logic puzzles (Although I wasn't a HUGE fan of Philosophy of Logic 320 in College - I am a Sudoku and Brain Age addict) and Science.

There's something so gratifying about knowing that not EVERYTHING is an unknown (especially in your 20s) and that some things actually do add up to an exact.

I don't know where most of you stand on the whole Doctor Vs. Alternative Medicine debate - but after seeing an Alternative Health Care Doctor/Chiropractor for eight years on and off resulting in problems (emotional, physical, mental) being fixed because my body had the answer vs. the series of doctors I visited the last two years that covered up the constant string of strep and tonsilitus only to have it revist time and again (because it wasn't a virus - it was a person) --- I pretty much swing toward letting my body do the work in deciding what's wrong.** I guess both are Science - but it's all in how you use it. It's incredible to me that your body has most of the answers.

Last summer, I went to the Body World's 2 exhibit at the Museum of Natural History - alone - because most of my friends here are creeped out by, well... dead bodies that are essentially preserved FOREVER so that you can walk within inches of the body and study what diet/lifestyle/smoking/exercise, etc. does to your system. So eerie, but so cool. I have a feeling it may change some people's opinions on abortion, if they so choose to journey beyond the curtain...

Taking that for itself wasn't enough tho. I spoke with an aunt of mine who does constant research and she advised I read two books (having to do with this issue) and also that the doctor who put the exhibit together is German - and... Nazi's used to do experimentation like Body Worlds on the jewish during WW2.

"How do they get a pregnant woman that smoked to donate her body to science for that exhibit? How did they find a man with an exact condtion for his traveling feature?"

Makes you wonder...

My new and latest interest is something I saw on the News this morning.

Like everything else AWESOME that comes out of the UK - scientists have spent six years and $20million to develop Walking with Dinosaurs - an exhibit that has recreated those creatures that walked the earth six billion years ago and they're taking it on the road to 100 US Cities. Like a little kid too curious for my own good - I CAN"T FREAKING WAIT TO GO.

I'm impressed. There is a core skeletal structure that forms the dino - then a foam layer over it that houses all of the muscle bags, and then skin to complete the figure.

The smaller dinos are sort of like a huge costume - and the larger ones (stegosaurus, t-rex and bronty) are operated by a driver - as the car is hidden beneath. How much fun would that job had been to create?

Oh to be a child in the 21st Century.

Check out the video below and see for yourself. Then call me if you want to go with me to see the display/show when the Dino's come to town:


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