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Something to make you Laugh on a Humpday

Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Upon waking this morning, my first thots were, "Whatever happened to Keanu Reeves?" I mean, really... you have Bill and Ted, that lawyer movie and um... what was the last one? The Lakehouse. Other than that - he's dropped off the earth. I wonder how DogStar is going...

And I thot - man, i could write a whole blog about how he's a terrible actor and he wouldn't be anywhere if it weren't for his expressive eyebrows (credit: Oakley), but then my attention turned to Ross the Intern from Leno because he does make me laugh really hard - one of my cousin's had a video up with Steve Corwin and I'm sitting here belly laughing and thinking maybe all of you shoujld do the same - so here's just a few short clips. of course you can grab more at you tube.

(Seriously... I want this job):

with Steve Corwin:

At the Golden Globes:

With Christina Aguillera:

Jay answers how to swing a job just like Ross:

I need to get the ball rolling on this...

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