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My Phase-O-Meter

Thursday, March 22, 2007
I've always had a phase-o-meter. I just never had an official title for it until I came to work here in Denver.

A term coined lovingly by a friend of mine at work - the definition refers not-so-loosely to what's on your current food intake body monitor.

Noun This wekk, Ritter Sport Bars are high on my phase-o-meter.

When I was in my early teens, I went from hot chocolate to popcorn to saltine crackers and then to some other bizarre snack food all in six months. When I was 16, I'd head to Armadillo's and get a Mocha Mud Pie Malt every Saturday, freeze it a bit until it was a bit icy and then drink as much water as humanly possible while staying up 'til five in the morning watching reruns of Real World: Seattle.

I'd change it up about every 1-4 weeks depending on my craving - and when it was over, I'd be done with the food indefinately.

Lately, it's been vanilla chai's (which was extremely short-lived after about one week, because it now tastes too sugary spice, and not that nice) and most recently - the one that won't go away? All things Dairy.

Maybe it's because I haven't been sick for a solid three months (the longest stretch in the last 2 1/2 years) - and due to the fact that dairy = phlegm and phlegm prevents clearing of invection - I've been steering pretty clear.

Two friday's ago, I consumed a giant glass of milk, string cheese, 3 wheels of swiss (the little ones from Laughing cow) and then busted through an entire pint of (low fat, mind you) cookies and cream ice cream in about 15 minutes. You'd think one would work out to counter-act all of the consumption; instead, I fell asleep at 8 and slept 14 consecutive hours until 10 on Saturday morning.

It hasn't been as over-kill since that day, but the cheese consumption has been plentiful (I finally understand how men will eat entire blocks of it), and with all of the gourmet cheese readily available from World Market, comes a fierce selection of wine and chocolate (which, of course, will continually revolve on a never ending meter).

So I'm sitting here now after a day of:

A salmon and cream cheese omelet
Asparagus and Beef
1 Chocolate Cupcake
1 Cream Cheese Bagel
1 Jamba Juice Smoothie
More Asparagus
Sweet Potatoes
2 More Cupcakes
1 Wheel of Cheese
and a big bottle of "Boutielle Call" Port, which I'm drinking straight from the bottle.

Where is all the hunger coming from? You got me. But I'm feeling content and loving my cats, because they still look at me like I'm the most beautiful woman alive.

I'm wondering if anyone else is having a day like mine - and what's on your phase-o-meter...?

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