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My Super Sweet Sixteen

Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Talk about snotty.
"Like, Oh my gawd! I got a car! I soooo totally did not expect that!"

I've been shopping for cars (via my sweet ass birthday present from my parents this year, as they are helping me to purchase, since my altima has kind of started crapping out over the last year).

I've picked the model - and the day I went to the dealership, they just happened to have the exact car I was looking for. Beautiful - drove great - but i wanted to work them down a little in price. By the time we had finally worked everything out and I called back and they had just sold the car 1 hour previous.


So i went for alternates... A car of a different color - the car with the same color without all wheel drive. I called back again and again and again:

"Yeah.. we just sold those both last night."


This is where I start to understand the bitchy teenage syndromes when snottypants mcgirk and 'daddy' go to pick out a new BMW because dammit - i just want my car!

I'm not sure why I can't buy car's like an Ipod/Apple computer. Why can't I build in what I want - you say "here you go" and deliver it to my door? If I'm shelling out a big chunk of change - why can't I have it the way I want it?

You'd think it'd make sense. The few dealerships I've visited I've tried to actively dodge all the slimey car guys - I did find one that was great - and then another, not so great - who literally lied to me and then tried to sell me a car that clearly wasn't right. Are you that desperate to meet your quota you'd really'd cut the price down $4500!??! That shocks me.

Anyway - one guy, who called me Sweetheart - found the one I want down in... Pueblo I think, so I'm going to see if I can work them down to my price range and swing a deal. I'm getting my hair colored tomorrow - maybe I'll go uber blonde so they can underestimate me. Luckily - I've had my time to research... and share of shopping...

Craziest day ever. Luckily I have awesome bosses that take my coworker(s) and I to movies midafternoon once in awhile (I had to barter Chocolate). The Number 23... odd - bizarre... can't tell if i like it yet or not. I didn't hate it.

I think I'll try out Babel on Thursday.

Tomorrow is crazy as well - and I forsee a hilarious seen when a guy drops this off for me while i'm getting my hair did up in foils and shtuff. Amen for having designed a logo for this sweet ass hair stylist so that i can get a bustin deal (can we see tip pay only?) saweeeet. :)

Also... I'm considering getting a little white furball kitten. Would this make me a scary cat lady to ring in at three?

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