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Happy Birthday To...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

It doesn't really feel like a birthday today. Maybe that's the curse of hitting 25... but I've had birthday love from all over the globe, so I very much appreciate all the showed love. you are all so sweet! Maybe I should go rent a sweet car just for the hell of it to feel a little more advanced into the new age bracket.

Let's see... topic of the day...

I'm trying to come to terms with a few things. My need to attach myself to things that I really should move on from... I've been attached to my house because it's my first one and it has served me well - but would it really be so bad to sell it and spend some extra dough-age on some sweet home decore? Um no... it could be put into my new home someday down the road... I was just thinking I'd still go along with the whole buying here -but if I'm on an interest only plan and sell in two years - how am i going to even be sure that I'll be able to pay all of the closing costs and real estate fees?


It's too bad this place is just gorgeous as hell. It's too bad now I'm emotionally invested. But what's not too bad is that I'm working with people I really trust in this and so I know they have my back and I won't be blowing any huge dollars on figuring this out...

All in all i'm wondering - what's the big deal? I have numerous friends who have multi-gajilion dollar debts due to school loans. I got lucky and missed that boat. I am virtually debt free, minus my home back in sodak and my cutie little scooter. My frame of thot right now is to save, save, SAVE --- but also not to spend my money unwisely. I wish rent was $400 everywhere and then i'd never give it second thot. Hurrah! Worry free commitment (so good at that...).

I'm not sure here... I thot I could end up doing it all (i seem to want to jampack all life experiences into a 2 year period) and now may end up with nothing... but am starting to think nothing may not be so bad as I'd be obligation free/no debt draggin me down. I'm not sure --- I haven't gotten much advice on it, save my mother sending me articles from Suze Orman on whether to rent/buy because I can tell she's just as concerned as I am...

I hate the what ifs...dod gammit. I sit on different sides every hour on the hour.

What if I win the HGTV Dream home? hahahaha. Problems be gone! How likely would they be to give that house to 1: someone who lives 1 hour away from the winnings and 2: is 25 flippin years old. (not... likely - but who knows... i did win 2 vacuum cleaners off of the Game Show Network when I was 16. mwa. ha)

I can't reiterate this enough - i hate the 20s. Today is pivitol - I am halfway finished. Hurrah! God bless the years that are going to really form and shape who I am - but cursed be they because they are so difficult.

I just want to have fun already...maybe I should stop trying to be so damn adult... who has a $400/month rental for me... hmmm? HMM!? ;)

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