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Too funny

Saturday, March 3, 2007
I went under contract for a new car on Wednesday.

The proccess went like such:

Tuesday I made the call. The dealer (#1) found the car I wanted - then said I'd have to talk to someone else the next day because he did not work on Wednesdays.

I talked with Dealer #2 the next day about 10 times. I told him 10 seperate times that I would be in his part of town (about half hour out of my way) for a hair appointment and I would make it over between 7:30-9pm. When he kept asking me what time, I got irritated - because I had only told him 10+ times.

At 8pm I called him to let him know I was on my way.

Dealer #2: Oh - I actually already left the store. Can you come by tomorrow?
Me: Why did you leave? I told you I'd be there between 7:30-9. I have to work all day tomorrow and I don't really want to drive this far out AGAIN for you. Can you call someone else so I can talk to them?
Dealer #2Uh... yeah. no problem.

I get to the dealership - and mention my story. Everyone looks ready to help - but completely puzzled when I tell them what's up. So I get Dealer #3 back on the phone - Hand it to the sales rep and tell him to get the skinny.

I sit down - and Dealer #3 (mind you, the THIRD in less than 24 hours) tells me that the price on the car I want is about $2,600 more than what I found it for.

Me: Wrong. I found this online and this is my price.
Dealer #3: Well - with your trade in, we're only making an extra $800 off the price you found. What's that? Nothing.
Me::Ummm... No. That mkes no sense. That means you're getting my car for free and I"m paying you more than what it was advertised.

I leave and go get the sticker I had printed out in my car (thank god). Everyone was whispering What is she doing!?as I stomped outside.

I walked back in and Handed him the sticker.
Dealer #3 acted like that would be the final price.
Me:No... You didn't tell me what my trade in was for! I'm not paying this price when you gave me no trade in.

He proceeds to tell me that my car is only work $1,000 (when I had just had it appraised at another dealer for at LEAST $2000.

Me: No - Sorry.

A Manager comes out and we work the price down extremely into my budget range - was that REALLY so hard? Car Buying is a pain.

After all this, I expected them to be prompt to go pick up my car the following day, since I had put down a chunk deposit.

3 Days Later, I still do not have my car. I'm slated to pick it up (finally) tonight at 6pm (because they're busy on Saturdays and they'd really appreciate if I came in when it was convenient for them... because I'm not the customer or anything...

Excuse me for being bratty - but this whole transaction has been ridiculous. I hate carsalesmen - you all suck. You're a different breed of people and you deserve to rot in hell. You can bet I'll be writing Dodge and that dealership a shitty "customer satisfaction survey" and hope that none of you get your contracts renewed.

In light of all this, I am excitedd to get my car and not have to do this gay ass dance anymore... and my step dad is HILARIOUS (if you want to see some of his stellar photos for Sports Illustrated, etc go to Wire Image and search Rich(ard)Gabrielson.

Rich:Your in journalism, write a letter to Dodge Customer Service. Tell them about how they're always whining about the Japanese taking there market...But then their Dealers treat customers like CRAP!
You might get a free keyring.
Me:: Or maybe even a bumper sticker!
Rich:That says 'My next car will be a Toyota!'

If you want to help me out and write them, too - here's the information:

Send us an Email

Contact Us by Telephone
M-F 8:00AM-5:00PM
Continental Time Zones

Contact Us by Mail:
Dodge Customer Assistance Center
P.O. Box 21-8004
Auburn Hills, MI 48321-8004

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