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The really tall horse.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007
I've been on my high horse lately.

Well, i can't really afford not to be anymore, now can I?

After years of tolerating a more than average lifestyle, I've been severing ties left and right as of late because that thread just got worn too thin and i don't really feel like hanging off the side of a cliff anymore waiting for someone to live up to normal human expectations.

That's the high horse speaking. And you know what? I dont fucking care - because anyone who's been on it knows how it feels.

I just got off the phone with my bff and mentioned my recent streak of bad-friendship masheti slashing.

"You know, I have to wonder if it's that thing of, 'oh, if i don't like something about that person, i'll just try to change it.' Guys don't do that. I just took the good and left the bad...I only changed when I wanted to."

I know the numerous times i said throughout college, "Why would you ever try to change someone you were with? If a man tried to do that to me, i'd kick his fucking ass."

But truth be told, when you're in the relationship, you don't look at it in this context. Items in this category include: biting toenails; not being open to seafood; sleeping with only socks and a t-shirt on (gross).

the bad temper? (i'll approach this topic differently next time).
the lieing to 80 people behind your back while sweet-talking to your face (he lies to everyone else - but he's truthful to me).
He cheated on you (it was just a drunken' slip).
He trashed your house - twice (he was just really mad. Everyone looses their shit time to time).
He hit you (you must have really pissed him off).

All of those little excuses in brackets are "i can change him" comments and complete bullshit. I've had girlfriends before who operated strictly on this moral - but i never saw it from their point of view until OTR just said the above to me... and now (thanks to my high horse), i'm pretty sure im okay not giving anyone 3rd,4th,5th chances for extremely sucking it up in my life.

I can't believe it took that long to realize - i mean - it's been a struggle lately just to keep sane - but with this refreshing new point of view, i bid a warm thank you to all of you people that are...no, were in my life that suck giant ass face and helped me come to this realization now instead of when i'm 35. or 40.

Thanks to you, I no longer have to waste my time!


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