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a little bit more a little bit more...

Thursday, March 22, 2007
im a little bit buzzed and i cannot lie
you.other twentysomethins cant deny
that when summer hits
and you feel like shit
you like to wet the dry.

yes... Im little tippsed. Add that to walking 15+ blocks or so and calling about 17 people from my insanely small phone book (minimized after my lameass razr died a.k.a. Got flushed under running water during a hot shower) and only One (beloved john cuusak) answered the phone.

im also finding all my ex boyfriends blow ass.
#1 is gay
#2 is mia
#3 i'm pretty sure he is inside anoher girl rightnow... Or telling someone how awesome he is when it comes to music. P.s. You're beyond hot. In fact, your weiner is an exact replica of my vibrator. you are a sociopath. And your music makes my ears bleed.
#4 well... No comment.

i also called friends, Inc. a fine english... No.. Irish bloke i encountered 6 years back only to fail because his # changed. I need to start dating cool peole so i have someone to talk to when single hits.

i also want, nay. NEED my scooter. NOW

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