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Tuesday, September 4, 2007
Please note, this blog address has changed to: http://seesamwrite.blogspot.com.

See spot run?
See Sam write!

You can also See Sam Shoot and See Sam in Print. (All of my Published works + some stuff from college that didn't completely suck! :) I'm hoping to upload my regular column from Bias this week, so stay tuned...

So yes, major overhaul. Mostly because, Hi. I graduated with a Journalism degree, and all that crap has just been sitting around in a folder not being put to any [good] use. So here we go. It starts today, along with a new format for this blog... that will hopefully be more regular, as well. If not, then I guess I feel organized. Maybe I'll even join the ranks of vlogging, tho... I'm going to be having to be a lot cuter than sitting in the same clothes for three days straight sans shower [because I've been working on this business up in he-yah]. :-D

My microwave has officially gone caput. We're talking... engine buzzing, light flickering, and after trying to heat up a vitamuffin - severe smoking (hooray for disconnecting my smoke detector).

This is sad, because I really do love things til' they die, and this little guy has been around since the house I grew up in. Guess it's time to give it up and give a new $30 heating device from Target a new home.

My mom and I had caught up on the phone just a few hours before and she said she had dreamt last night that she came to visit me and was concerned because it had appeared I'd run short of any underwear. I told her she was probalby worrying about my finacial situation. Now I think maybe it was forshadowing the $ I'm out to buy a new kitchen appliance...

I tried to get car estimates on my poor bumper this weekend, but after calling seven different auto body shops, I found out they're all on a Monday - Friday time schedule. My stepdad said it most endearing: "They're all-mf'ers!".


I'm trying to think of anything interesting, but since I've been doing nothing more than this... I am without.

Look forward to new music Tuesday tomorrow... and.... of course - Season 3 of The Office out on DVD.


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