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Everything You'll Never Need To Know

Wednesday, September 5, 2007
I had a good friend make fun of me a few weekends ago for all the random pop-culture knowledge I was feeding her on the drop of a dime --- but who needs politics and religion when you can judge all of the cebrities making stupid decisions out there!

That's what I say, I say.

So rather than play know-it-all on our first rendition - I'm going to see how well you pull out on a few pop culture questions.

This is my quiz. From my brain... mostly revolving around recent events in pop culture news.
I won't make it TOO hard, but I'm strainin' Creativity.

Flattery will get you everywhere and trying to google the answer will get you six feet deep next to Anna Nicole (ooooh. ouch!).

So... go head, we go!

Q1: Which hottie beaux of Jessica Biel was DJing it up in Vegas last weekend. Rawr! Wouldn't you have loved to be there jammin' with "The Next Michael Jackson!"


Q2: Inspector Gadget was a pretty damn popular cartoon show, turned into disney movie starrring Sarah Jessica Parker's long-time hubby, Matthew Brodderick... but can you tell me which classic television show inspired the cartoon?


Q3: This Guy:

Recently called it quits on his marriage to one of the lovelies from Dawson's Creek fame. Two Part Question: What is his name, and what is the name of his soon-to-be ex wife?


Q4: Nicole Kidman appears on the new issue of Vanity Fair looking Hot at 40. Meeeee-owwww:

We all knew she was married to Tom, and is now, Kieth Urban (still), after some rehab/drug problems -- but in between the two (circa 2002-2005) -- Nicole was engaged to another hottie hot pants that has remained pretty classified. Who is it?


Q5: Which r&b princess is rumored to be dating goofball Shia Labeouf of Disturbia, Holes and Disney Series Even Stevens fame?


Q6: It is always a BLAST when we get to see our hunky leading men in the buff because the paparazzi are just so good at being nosy. Which one of the following who has been caught with his pants down on film was recently arrested for attacking one of them there kravitz folk?

(P.S. you can click on the name to see them nizaked...!)

A: Brad Pitt
B: Jude Law
C: Nick Lachey
D: Tommy Lee


Q7: Somebody (a.k.a. one of the hottest bodies out there) is expecting a little bundle of baby joy! Ok... so everyone is preggo right now, but this one is new new new.
Clues: She's an actress and starred opposite such actors as... Billy Bob Thornton, John Travolta, Robert Downy Junior:


Q8: VH1 is a proffesional network of putting out a bunch of crap reality shows that we all love to watch. "The Pick-Up Artist" takes a bunch of loser dudes (ok, puppies that are sweet, just don't have a clue) and molds them into... a pick up artist. What is the "Pick Up Artist's Name?!"


Q9: We all've been clued in on overdrive regarding Britney Spears business lately.
But did you know... her label has leaked not 1, not 2, but 4 tracks onto the internet that have been cut from the record, to hopefully generate some buzz for her upcoming November release?


Can you name two of the Four Leaked Tracks??
BONUS QUESTION: What is the track title on her new single being played all over radio airwaves, and already hitting the charts at #80 (Crazy).

That's all for now. Leave your answers here or email them to me.



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