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Casey Chambers Meets...June Carter?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007
June Carter meets...Casey Chambers?
Category: Music

I hear a country song in this - simple - short - to the point.

Is it lonely being lonely?
when you choose to be this way.
I come around to comfort
but you just push me away.

I'm just around to listen
and laugh off all the pain
simplified advances
each effort ends the same

lonesome you
could always be
less lonesome next to me.

I came around last night
I came knockin' at your door
but you turned still and quiet
this routine's such a bore.

I know you want some lovin'
but you always choose to be
all alone in your stone house
continuing to plea about

lonesome you
you could always be
less lonesome next to me.

i'll never try to fight you
i just want to stand beside you
and soak up every ounce of isolation
that you are cozied in... to

i just wanted to remind you
if you ever change your mind

you'd always be less lonesome next to me.
you'd always be less lonesome next to me.
you'd always be less lonesome next to me.

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