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Its 3am, I Must Be Lonely

Saturday, September 8, 2007
I can never clean for 5 minutes. Once it starts, it becomes some dangerous OCD... and all I can promise you is that I'm not on Speed.

I just spent the last hour+ scrubbing my bathroom floors, toilet, shower, etc. This may not sound like a lot, but i have a really small bathroom.

I changed the color of this 100-year-old radiator from rust to silver - and pulled out about 5 lbs of dust. Gross. I"m rejoicing in the cleaning power of bleach - which I can probably tolerate more easily because of lack of smell. I think I'd very much enjoy drowning my entire apartment in clorox to see if I could actually make this place look... vintage without the vintage dirt.

Impossible. But I think I ate away about 4 layers of skin. My hands have never been this clean...

I've now developed a disgusting upset stomach, which I haven't decided if it spawned from sitting in a 2x3 foot room covered in bleach, stress, lack of sleep or... Carrot Top's Eyebrows.

One firetruck, and about 13 police vehicles just flew by my home. I wonder if it's like that one time there was some offender running and they blocked off 4 blocks of my neiborhood. I wonder if my mom is reading this...

I'll have to watch the news tomorrow and see what's up... I know i wrote that in a matter of heightened suspense, and you're all just dying to find out.

News at 11...

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