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Wow... Good Week

Sunday, June 22, 2008
I'm inching closer to a week-vacation home. INCHING. Besides spending qt with the fam and my very favorites... I'm really looking forward to air conditioning. :)

Funny... because I have an ac unit that weighs approximately 150 pounds in the garage, but the fact that it does, in fact, weight 150 pounds, is the whole reason I haven't brought it up to start cooling my tin-can sized apartment. Oh, that and it freezes over.

I've been getting creative with cooling - mostly that I sleep on an ice back while laying with my feet dangling over the side of my bed in front of a $15 fan I bought at Queen Supers.

Beside the point, it has been a great week. Productive in every sense of the word - but mostly emotionally.

I feel funny, because it's taken me a year and change to get over my last relationship - and I can officially say I am FINALLY done. I think the Guinness Book may be responsible for imprinting me somewhere under "longest break-up EVER" because it has been HELL. It's been rough.

And not to go into detail, because it's all too hot to handle in one shot... so I won't :) I'm sure you've seen plenty of Lifetime Movies (starring Tori Spelling) mirroring my last relationship exactly.

So i've dived through devastation, anger, confusion, compromising, worry, dissapointment, severe anger, hate, depression, shame. All the while still trying to stand up in battle and i've come full circle to finally feeling just like myself and also, feeling nothing toward this person anymore.

If we're going to visually draw this out... the spider webs spun tightly around every last bit of me have finally been cut. Homegirl is F-rreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

And this had no point really, except to celebrate. Out loud. :) And to thank my kick-ass support system (you all know who you are). Truth is, I couldn't do it a year ago because I couldn't do it alone... I went through most of that shit up there by myself, because I was too embarassed to talk to anyone about it... but when I finally opened my mouth - I was shown nothing but compassion... xoxo

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