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No No No

Thursday, September 13, 2007
I actually think about how I dressed today because after sleeping in past the ability to shower - I had to throw together some fancy updo and makeup in four minutes - then dress in less. My hair actually rocks today. Surprising.

Given my then current mood, I had opted for a super comfy dressy/casual with slip on flats and a hoody - and remembered I'd have to change just before walking out the door because we had a client coming in (a very rare occurance).

I've never been very New York Fashionista...so I'm sorry - unless I ever weigh 120 lbs and have a million dollars to blow at The Limited - I'll probably never dress this way.

I have my own quirk style that's always something nice downplayed by something you'd snuggle into at home. It's usually practical (to fit my schedule) and needs to have the ability transform from dress to going out to scootering or... whatever.

I hate having to go home and change.

At our new office, I sit right by our office door and watch people walk by on a regular basis - I'm the friendly(?) face by the only door open in the hallway - which actually ends up being kind of obnoxious because most people have wandered into the wrong building and end up asking me for directions, to use my phone, and then to vent for 10 minutes about how they're mad the building didn't use correct signage, how they're so embarassed (it's really not a big deal) or that they're angry that a business moved and failed to alert them. I had a cute little old lady giving me the "what for" for a solid 20 minutes (Ok, not me... but to me, about the company) a few weeks ago for the latter.

In that time, she also managed to go through her perse, re-organize and have an entire conversation without me in it.

Either way, A lot of people walk by - and the lot of people have lots of different outfits.

The men are always decked in nice suits... One older guy always wears this old grandpa sweater, which I love, but I do not love when he walks by after a visit to the restroom and passes gas three times at the loudest possible decibal, because he then assumes that along with my lack of smell, i must have some lack of hearing. How can I not look at him funny whenever he strolls back by with his hands in his pockets?

I recall seeing a bright yellow pants suit one day on one of the gals (actually - really cute - but I could never pull it off).
Another is always so pulled together and classy - the kind you'd want to be your mom if you didn't already have a fashionably gorgeous parent.
A third wears cute skirts that I always love, but always look kind of akward for her body... I'm always re-evaluating in my mind what could or could not look better on her... but kind of thinking that if we ever actually talked - we'd probably be best friends.

One I always notice is a tall, asian girl at the end of the hall that always dresses pretty cute...kind of like - modern funk on a budget.

It started that this was the only thing I thought about her, until I saw her more often than neccessary. One day, she walked past about 10 times within the course of 30 minutes, speaking extremely quickly on her cell phone in some foreign language. I had guessed something was not right.

Then a week later - had three kids with her - that seemed to be hers, but how does a girl that seemingly weighs 105 pounds not show any sign of previous pregnancy pounds?

Now, I"m just irritated, because I don't know if she has the smallest bladder on the face of the planet, or she just really likes to get up and walk much, but she wears clunky shoes that never actually fit and every time she walks by, drags her ass to the bathroom.

You remember when your mom told you to pick up your f'in feet feet when you walk?

Because while you work your outfits, you're not workin those shoes, and I often wonder if... you're working your job.



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