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Oh, the Cruel Tricks our Dreams Weave

Sunday, September 16, 2007
I always thought the dream world was interesting because it gives our minds a chance to work things out that everyday obstacles prevents us from working through with regular logic.

My aunt told me once that in college, she used to have problems in math, and she'd think about the problem she was working on before bed and find the solution while she was sleeping.

While I often pay attention to what's going on while I'm sleeping - I'm occasionally thrown by a really bizarre recollection.

For Instance... a few weeks ago I dreamt that I got pregnant... and all I could think was how much the delivery was going to hurt. Apparently, I was so focused on that, that I was completely thrown for a loop when my newborn was a kitten.

Well, great... Now everyone I know will think i'm into beasteality.

But it turns out some scientists messed with the DNA.


so pregnancy = birth of new ideas, cats = female prowess/sexuality (apparently, mine at the time was small, but cute), and the scientist messing with it? um... i don't know any mds or lab nerds so...?

The funny thing is - pregnancy is always a good thing - because it means you have a new project or new endeavors on your mind -- you're in the process of development and creating great, new things.

The funny thing about all of the pregnancy dreams I've ever had is that I'm always alone. I never worry or consider who the dad is... I never have anyone to help me... And I always suffer from just a smidge of panic, followed by extreme follow-thru and focus.

I haven't decided yet if this is a good thing, or it just means I'm never getting the opportunity to work with people on great new things. Hrmmmm... Destined to be alone forever?

After seeing another friend of mine post up a short dream he had last night that traumatized him... I started thinking - I wonder if all of the other crazy dreams everyone else is having has been pretty true to form of the events going on in their life at the current time -- and if you're taking advantage of your subconcious to put some problem solving into action...?



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