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New Theater Release Day - 10/3-5/07

Friday, October 5, 2007
Some good stuff - some controversial stuff - some load of crap (singular, Ben Stiller!).

Apparently, along with giving a movie review - I've also developed an affinity for smily faces in text. Sorry - that's really obnoxious. Also - I said obnoxious a lot. I'm sitting on a little bit of stress with family issues and maybe the precurser to a cry fest... So - that may be where all those over-uses came from.

Go see a movie this weekend! I think you'll have to wait for The Girl Next Door - but damn - that should be good! Chip - go see this this weekend :) (oh there it is again. Obnoxious!)

October 3

Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door (NY):
Key Players: Blyth Auffrath, Blanche Baker, Austin Williams
Tag Line: In this town murder became the neighborhood game
The Jist: Based on the 1965 true story about Sylvia Likens was brutally tortured, raped and eventually murdered in the basement of a family member's Indiana home [imdb.com].
Yay, Nay or Rental Play?: F*#ked up! I imagine this will make a lot of people uncomfortable. I'm totally going. Like, Totally (sorry - had to get that out).

Lake of Fire (limited):
Key Players: Noam Chomsky, Alan M. Dershowitz, Randall Terry
Tag Line: None
The Jist: A graphic documentary on both sides of the abortion debate [imdb.com].
Yay, Nay or Rental Play?: Ok... you saw American History X - right? In this documentary created by the same director, do you need anymore motivation to go to this movie? Testing politics and religion - and throwing it right in your face. Everyone talks about it - everyone has an opinion on it - here's a movie to piss you off, appaul you and knock you into some form of reality all at the same time. And again... make you uncomfortable :) "Everybody is right when it comes to the issue of abortion."

October 5

Feel the Noise (limited):
Key Players: Ross Arredondo, Melonie Diaz, Charles Duckworth
Tag Line: Dream out loud.
The Jist: A young man from the South Bronx dreams of making it as a rapper, until a run-in with local thugs forces him to hide in Puerto Rico with the father he never knew [imdb.com].
Yay, Nay or Rental Play?: Oh, J-Lo. You're in denile that you're pregnant -and now you're probably in denile that people will actually like your movie! I'm sure the dancing is killer (from former Fly-girl via In Living Color) - but I'll save this for an after-school special.

Finishing the Game (limited):
Key Players: Roger Fan, Sunk Kang, James Franco
Tag Line: Who will be.
The Jist: Bruce Lee's shocking death left legions of stunned fans and a legacy of 12 minutes from his unfinished Game Of Death. Undeterred, studio executives launched a search for his replacement chronicled here through the eyes of five aspiring thespians who find out what the real game is [imdb.com].
Yay, Nay or Rental Play?: Hahahahahahaha. "I don't know why people keep confusing me with Bruce Lee. He's Bruce Lee. I'm Breeze Loo." I think this will be a sleeper. Not many of you hear about it and miss it - then it blows up on video rental sometime early next year. Who doesn't love kung fu movies with unmatched speech? Sundance liked it. So does Sami. :)

For the Bible Tells Me So (limited):
Key Players: documentary.
Tag Line: None.
The Jist: An exploration of the intersection between religion and homosexuality in the U.S. and how the religious right has used its interpretation of the Bible to stigmatize the gay community [imdb.com].
Yay, Nay or Rental Play?: Documentary on Homesexuality and Religion. I see a new trend in movies - watching what's been hitting theaters the last few weeks. How do i put an opinion on these kinds of films without voicing my opinion? Shoot.. im a journalist - i'm supposed to know this answer... I'm going to go ahead and say do what you're comfortable doing. I may or may not go! heeehee

The Good Night (NY, LA):
Key Players: Penelope Cruz, Martin Freeman, Gwyny Paltrow :)
Tag Line: Dreaming is Believing.
The Jist: A former pop star (Freeman) who now writes commercial jingles for a living experiences a mid-life crisis [imdb.com].
Yay, Nay or Rental Play?: I was super gung ho until I saw Penelope Cruz was in this... blech. Can't you get the girl from Spanglish that is a much better actress with a less annoying accent? This still looks interesting. Depressing but inspriing. We'll see what i need in the next two weeks. What about you?

Grace is Gone (limited):
Key Players: John Cusack, Gracie Bednarczyk, Doug Dearth
Tag Line: None.
The Jist: Upon hearing his wife was killed in the Iraq war, a father takes his two daughters on a road trip [imdb.com].
Yay, Nay or Rental Play?: Here's a spin - Wife goes off to war while hubby stays home with the kids. Feel good - John cuusak. Loves it. Going.

The Heartbreak Kid :
Key Players: Ben Stiller, Michelle Monaghan, Jerry Stiller
Tag Line: Love Blows.
The Jist: The story centers on a man who is convinced that he has finally met the right girl and marries too quickly. While on his honeymoon and in the process of discovering that his new bride is a nightmare, he meets the girl of his dreams [imdb.com].
Yay, Nay or Rental Play?: Let's condone a committment-phobe getting married then changing his mind the minute he gets on your honeymoon because he didn't take the time to get to know how annoying the person was he was marrying! Stupid. Stupid.... STUPID. I heard this was a remake -- and that it's nothing like the original. Oh! Surprise - it's a Farrelly Movie. That answers a lot. I'll pass -- it seems too obnoxious.

Michael Clayton (NY, LA, TOR; wide: Oct. 12):
Key Players: George Clooney, Sean Cullen, Tom Wilkinson, Syndey Pollack
Tag Line: The Truth can be Adjusted.
The Jist: Michael Clayton (George Clooney) is an in-house "fixer" at one of the largest corporate law firms in New York. A former criminal prosecutor, Clayton takes care of Kenner, Bach & Ledeen's dirtiest work at the behest of the firm's co-founder Marty Bach (Sydney Pollack). Though burned out and hardly content with his job as a fixer, his divorce, a failed business venture and mounting debt have left Clayton inextricably tied to the firm. At U/North, meanwhile, the career of litigator Karen Crowder (Tilda Swinton) rests on the multi-million dollar settlement of a class action suit that Clayton's firm is leading to a seemingly successful conclusion. But when Kenner Bach's brilliant and guilt-ridden attorney Arthur Edens (Tom Wilkinson) sabotages the U/North case, Clayton faces the biggest challenge of his career and his life [imdb.com].
Yay, Nay or Rental Play?: Hellooooooo George Cloony. The Route for a lawyer to win kind of movie. :) He doesn't show up often but you know when he does it's generally a pretty decent film...Hopefully this has a strange twist at the end that throws you for a loop and makes you glad you paid fricken $9.50 for the movie.

My Kid Could Paint That (NY, LA):
Key Players: Amir Bar-Lev, Anthony Brunelli, Elizabeth Cohen
Tag Line: Inspiration or Manipulation? You Decide
The Jist: A look at the work and surprising success of a four-year-old girl whose paintings have been compared to the likes of Picasso and has raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars [imdb.com].
Yay, Nay or Rental Play?: Some 4-year-old paints and people think it's a lie. Of course --- someone else's child has talent and you're pissed about it. I don't know if she paints it or not -- that would require me watching the movie... but I'd be interested to find out what she'll be like when she's a teenager when her parents eff her up from this film. :)

Nina's Heavenly Delights (LA, NY):
Key Players: Shelley Conn, Laura Fraser and a bunch of other Indian Bollywood Actors :)
Tag Line: A romantic feast rich with the tastes of life, love and spices.
The Jist: A feisty young woman returns to Glasgow to run her deceased father's curry house [imdb.com].
Yay, Nay or Rental Play?: Have I ever told you about my secret love for Bollywood? I love the dancing - I love the expression - the colors. I'm totally a straight white girl - but i love love LOVE these movies. I will probably rent this and hopefully have surround sound when it comes out so I can dance along with the movie :)

The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising:
Key Players: Alexander Ludwig, Christopher Eccleston, Ian McShane
Tag Line: Even the smallest of light... shines in the darkness.
The Jist: Based on the acclaimed novel by Susan Cooper, THE DARK IS RISING is the first film adaptation of the author's acclaimed The Dark Is Rising Sequence. The film tells the story of Will Stanton, a young man who learns he is the last of a group of warriors who have dedicated their lives to fighting the forces of the Dark. Traveling back and forth through time, Will discovers a series of clues which lead him into a showdown with forces of unimaginable power. With the Dark once again rising, the future of the world rests in Will's hands [imdb.com].
Yay, Nay or Rental Play?: Fantasy film for the kiddos... Probably awesome to go to with your 11-year-old cousin, brother, nephew, etc.

Trick 'r Treat:
Key Players: Leslie Bibb, Anna Paquin, Quin Lord, Brian Cox
Tag Line: None.
The Jist: It is said that Halloween is the night when the dead rise to walk among us and other unspeakable things roam free. The rituals of All Hallows Eve were devised to protect us from their evil mischief, and one small town is about to be taught a terrifying lesson that some traditions are best not forgotten. Nothing is what it seems when a suburban couple learns the dangers of blowing out a Jack-o-Lantern before midnight; four women cross paths with a costumed stalker at a local festival; a group of pranksters goes too far and discovers the horrifying truth buried in a local legend; and a cantankerous old hermit is visited by a strange trick-or-treater with a few bones to pick. Costumes and candy, ghouls and goblins, monsters and mayhem... the tricks and treats of Halloween turn deadly as strange creatures of every variety-human and otherwise-try to survive the scariest night of the year. [imdb.com]
Yay, Nay or Rental Play?:Scary movie time, bitches. Aren't you excited!? Heck yes I'll go. I love anything scary. I wish they would have changed it to "Trick or treat" tho --- and also I hope it doesn't suck as much as the Grudge.

Weirdsville (LA, Austin, SF; 10/19 Atlanta , Portland):
Key Players: Wes Bently, Teryn Manning, Greg Bryk
Tag Line: None
The Jist: Royce and Dexter are two slackers who live in the strange little town of Weedsville. When Royce's girlfriend Matilda overdose's on their stash and dies, they decide to bury her in an abandoned Drive-In theater. Things get out of control when they discover Satanists performing a ritual sacrifice right where they were going to bury the body... [imdb.com]
Yay, Nay or Rental Play?: This will be good. Quirky, funny and... just enough action. Just the way i like my men.



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