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The Pick-up Artist

Wednesday, October 3, 2007
Raq: hey kitten. how about spending some of your nine lives with me?

Sammath: hahahaha

Raq:i have

Sammath: what? that's so cute

Raq: 'the pick up artist' on
and there are abunch of pick up lines on the bottom of the screen

i'll watch it with you

Raq:what is on your butt?? my eyes

Raq:have you had a shower today becaue you look like a dirty girl?

Raq: i am looking for treasure, can i check out your chest?

Sammath: i love the kitten one

Raq: they pick the gayest looking guys to coach everyone how to score.

Sammath: haha

Raq: when i was in high school
some guy came up to me with his car keys
and put them in my arm
and was like, "can i turn you on?"

Sammath: hahahahaha

Raq: it was so funny, but only because he was cute.



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