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Black Cat, Black Cat, Black Cat

Monday, September 24, 2007
So... My step dad came down this weekend to shoot the Bronco game yesterday.

Every time he comes, he usually brings a little goody package from my mom.

Last week - it was tv on dvd (a whole season!). This week... a whole bag of salt water taffy.

Now taffy is delicious x 12... but the sad thing I didn't realize until after I ate 20 pieces in a row - is that each piece has 30 fricken calories. WHAT THE F?!

So here I am 600 calories later and thinking - I really need to work this off. And 600 calories = about 72 minutes of walking. Good lord. First thing I want to do on a rainy, fall day.

But I went anyway - and three blocks into my walk - met this guy:

I walked for about 6 more and he just kept jogging behind me like a little pooch on a leash.

Yesterday, I went to a friends apartment and was greeted by a little black cat. He followed me into the complex - and when I came out 3 1/2 hours later - he ran back to me and followed me outside.

Today - I have this little black friend join me for my long, taffy walk. That's two black cats in two days. Can someone please tell me this is good luck? Or do they just know I'm excited for Halloween?



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