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Tattoo, Tattoo

Sunday, September 23, 2007
I've been thinking a lot lately that I want a tattoo. More like... for the last 8 months or so... But tonight- what i wanted just popped into my head.

So i've been thinking I want to get something on the back of my neck- that i know is there, but not many other people do... subtle's always good - but what I came up with is kind of an affirmation that would be great to be able to see every day and think... "Yeah!"

So now i'm wondering where a good place to put it would be... and my first thought was right on the inside of my right wrist. Very small text... How small can artists write?

Does anyone else have any suggestions a good place to put some text? This would be my first... and it is something important to me. I can imagine a lot of you are probably "pshhhh" ing right now - but - yah know... start small. Maybe i'll even pierce my ears! hahahaha.

So yeah - leave your thots if you have any :)



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