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Why Not To Wear BellyShirts When You're Chubby

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Raquel: i was at the park last week with my nephew and he asked some hoochie in a tummy shirt if she was having a baby boy or a baby girl. I was so embarrassed.

Sami: ahahahahaha. what'd she do?

Raquel: She was like, "Im not having a baby. I just eat a lot of junk food and god made me big."

Raquel - and then! My nephew was like

Sami: hahahahhaha.

Raquel: "No....i think its a baby girl." I was mortified

Sami: hahahahahahaha

Raquel: seriously

Sami: hahahahahaha

Raquel: hahaha

Sami: you have the funniest stories

Raquel: And i felt so bad on the way home and [my boyfriend] was like, "its her fault for flaunting her chub like that." I was so embarrassed.

Sami: She probably went home and drowned her embarassment in hohos

You know why?

Cause she's a ho.



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