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New Theater Release Day - 9/26-28/07

Friday, September 28, 2007
Lots of politics this week. Does the American Government suit up the movie industry around election, as well? All I can say, is thank goodness there's no Michael Moore.

Not a ton of releases this week - but enough to give you an option. See what you think - and then take a few hours and go disapear into a theater. Eat Sourpatch kids til your tatebuds are ripped to shreds.


September 26

The Price of Sugar (limited):
Key Players: Father Christopher Hartley, Paul Newman (Narrator)
Tag Line: none. (Documentary)
The Jist: On the Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic, tourists flock to pristine beaches, with little knowledge that a few miles away thousands of dispossessed Haitians are under armed guard on plantations harvesting sugarcane, most of which ends up in US kitchens. Cutting cane by machete, they work 14 hour days, 7 days a week, frequently without access to decent housing, electricity, clean water, education, healthcare or adequate nutrition. The Price of Sugar follows a charismatic Spanish priest, Father Christopher Hartley, as he organizes some of this hemisphere's poorest people, challenging the powerful interests profiting from their work. [imdb.com]
Yay, Nay or Rental Play?: I wonder if Haitians recognize priests as the holy bringer of help to poor, overworked people that also need to strike to be treated equally in the workplace. Or perhaps they know they've been molesting little boys lately and hoping for a show... either way - I'm sure this is the strongly political film some of you are needed right now to tide you over - and make you more aware of how bad it really is - and how great American's actually have it.

September 28

Bordertown (Dallas, El Paso):
Key Players: Jennifer Lopez, Antonia Banderas, Kate del Castillo
Tag Line: none.
The Jist:Lauren (Jennifer Lopez), an impassioned American reporter for the Chicago Sentinel heads to Juarez, a Mexican bordertown, in order to investigate a series of mysterious slayings involving young factory women from all over Mexico. As she discovers hundreds of victims, she gains the trust of local factory workers but falls into danger. [imdb.com]
Yay, Nay or Rental Play?: Don't you wish this was in English? I do. But I like to play this little game called "Guess What's Going On!" I.e. I turn on one of our many spanish stations in denver and watch soap operas with 20-second scenes (Because they talk so fast!) and try to figure out what the hell is happening. Sadly, I only took one year of German back in High School - and all I remember is how to ask to go to the bathroom, and count to 100. But the music is brooding - and J-Lo is in it - so I'm sure it's stellar (another politically aware film).

Feast of Love:
Key Players: Morgan Freeman, Grek Kinnear, Selma Blair
Tag Line: A story for anyone with an appetite for love.
The Jist: A meditation on love and its various incarnations, set within a community of friends in Oregon. Described as an exploration of the magical, mysterious and sometimes painful incarnations of love [imdb.com].
Yay, Nay or Rental Play?: I'm honestly really surprised Mandy Moore isn't in this film. Guess she was too busy doing, "Being Mandy Moore" on the Oxygen Channel. Look at the cast. Are you kidding me? Of course this is good. Of course everyone has an appetite for love. Of course you're going to go and feel depressed about your love life, and end up leaving the theater feeling like there really is some shred of hope left for you and any possible relationship. I'm going. Date? Anyone?

The Game Plan :
Key Players: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Madison Pettis, Kyra Sedgwick
Tag Line: Joe Kingman had the perfect game plan to with the championship... but first, he has to tackle one little problem.
The Jist: An NFL quarterback living the bachelor lifestyle discovers that he has a 7-year-old daughter from a previous relationship [imdb.com].
Yay, Nay or Rental Play?: Ya know, I was thinking that it was a good thing that hottie "The Rock" changed his moniker from Dwayne Johnson because can you really see a Dwayne Johnson looking hot as hell at the gun show or... working for Geek Squad with a red tye and pocket protector? I'm not going to tell you to go or not go to this movie. Rather - I'm going to let you decide for yourself if you enjoyed "Big Daddy" with Adam Sandler and watch Football every weekend. If your answer is yes - then oh joy - you're probably going to love this.

Goal II Living the Dream :
Key Players: Nick Cannon, Anna Friel, Kuno Becker
Tag Line: The Journey Continues...
The Jist: After gaining experience with the football club Newcastle United, Santiago Munez (Becker) gets a huge break when he's transferred to Real Madrid [imdb.com].
Yay, Nay or Rental Play?: I missed the first Goal - but I"d never miss hot Brit Boys with saucy legs, sweaty, in drones of other hot brittish men - determined as hell. Bring it. Or --- just bring me to England.

[no trailer available: sorry! :(]

I'll Believe You (limited)
Key Players: David Alan Basche, Patrick Warburton, Siobhan Fallon
Tag Line: none.
The Jist: Late-night radio host Dale Sweeney's usual line up of odd-ball, conspiracy-obsessed callers is interrupted by a panicked phone call in an indecipherable language. When FBI agents arrive investigating the call, Dale enlists his friends help to uncover what he hopes is the amazing identity of this first time caller [imdb.com].
Yay, Nay or Rental Play?: I"m real sad there's no preview for this - because the storyline sounds enticing. I see it categorized as Comedy but its sounding much like a murder mystery. I'm guessing since the release is limited, Denver wont' get it for another month or so anyway - so New York Peeps - go watch it and tell me how it was. Oh - and video tape parts of the film and make a trailer out of it for me. Thaaaaaaaanks. That'd be Greaaaaaaaat.

The Kingdom :
Key Players: Jamie Foxx, Chris Cooper, Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman
Tag Line: Trust No One; Under Fire. Under Pressure. Out of Time.; How do you stop an enemy who isn't afraid to die?; An elite FBI team sent to find a killer in Saudi Arabia. Now they have become the Target.
The Jist:When a terrorist bomb detonates inside a Western housing compound in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, an international incident is ignited. FBI Special Agent Ronald Fleury (Jamie Foxx) quickly assembles an elite team (Chris Cooper, Jennifer Garner, and Jason Bateman) and negotiates a secret five-day trip into Saudi Arabia to locate the madman behind the bombing. Now in a fight for their own lives, strangers united by one mission won't stop until justice is found in The Kingdom [imdb.com].
Yay, Nay or Rental Play?: Look at all the political satire this week! I'm surprised with all of the tag lines they came up with - "Don't go where you don't belong" or "Mind Your Own Business or They'll mind yours" (in movie man voice) - weren't an option. I'd probably watch this on some guys couch. As quiet as possible. 1. because it's intense and 2. because the guy I'd watch it with would forbade that I talk during the film.

Lust, Caution (limited):
Key Players: Wei Tang, Joan Chen, Leen-Hom Wang
Tag Line: none.
The Jist:Shanghai, 1942. The World War II Japanese occupation of this Chinese city continues in force. Mrs. Mak, a woman of sophistication and means, walks into a café, places a call, and then sits and waits. She remembers how her story began several years earlier, in 1938 China. She is not in fact Mrs. Mak, but shy Wong Chia Chi (Tang Wei). With WWII underway, Wong has been left behind by her father, who has escaped to England. As a freshman at university, she meets fellow student Kuang Yu Min (Wang Leehom) Kuang has started a drama society to shore up patriotism. As Wong reprises her earlier role, and is drawn ever closer to her dangerous prey, she finds her very identity being pushed to the limit [imdb.com].
Yay, Nay or Rental Play?: This film reminds me, again, that I should really be more worldly and learn new languages. Working on that. I love foreign films. I love the 1940s. I'd definately go see this with good company. Maybe they'll offer language lessons, too. Oh - and I can finally wear my glasses out to read subtitles. Yessss

Trade (NY, LA):
Key Players: Kevin Kline, Alicja Bachleda-Curus, Paulina Gaitlan, Kathleen Gati
Tag Line: You'll Pay for this.
The Jist:Adriana (Paulina Gaitan) is a 13-year-old girl from Mexico City whose kidnapping by sex traffickers sets in motion a desperate mission by her 17-year-old brother, Jorge (Cesar Ramos), to save her. Fighting with courage and hard-tested faith, the characters of Trade negotiate their way through the unspeakable terrain of the sex trade "tunnels" between Mexico and the United States [imdb.com].
Yay, Nay or Rental Play?: Well, Traffic was good. Add sex into the mix - more contraversy - more attachment and play with human emotions. This looks compelling, suspenseful... really a shining example of awesomeness. Go! Go!



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