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The Effects of Pain Medication

Thursday, September 27, 2007
Raq: what was the first movie you saw in a theater?

Sammath: umm
i can't remember
can you?

Raq: yes
it was......
cool runnings lol
Sammath: hahahahahahaha

Raq: it was a good day
i remember wataching mortal kombat in the theater

Sammath: oh lord

Raq: with my attention drifting from the awesomeness of the movie to my new school shoes my mom reluctantly let me wear to the theater
it was a good day

Raq: my mom was like

Sammath: lol

Raq: stop acting all mexican
because i had just gotten the shoes

Sammath: hhahahhahahahahah
oh my lord
take more medication

Raq: that was one of my favorite days ever

Sammath: that mkaes your life sound sad

Raq: and my family let me pick where we could eat
and i picked mcdonalds because it had a mayor mc cheese you could climb in
and mybrother and sister were so pissed
my life is great

Sammath: hahahahahhaa

Raq: but it was just a great day. it had a happiness to it. for me at least
i have had way better days, but its one that i remember everything about

Sammath: you know what would be funny to get tattooed

Raq: mayor mc cheese?

Sammath: brail hahaha

Raq: hahahahaha

Sammath: yeah
like...just bumps

Raq: hahaha

Sammath: and then you could go up to blind people
and be like - "feel my face"

Raq: hahaha



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