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America's Next Top Hoo Hah

Thursday, September 27, 2007
Sammath: Oook. They made them do a shopping challenge at Old Navy.

Raq: hahahaha

Sammath: Sweet. $100. At Old Navy - that has the worst line of clothes for this season ever right now. Great. I"ll go buy a bunch of jewelry and panties.

Raq: I wish J Crew would sponsor.

Sammath: And then they could do their challenge there - so they can actually have cool clothes.

Oh good. Bitch won a $1,000 shopping spree at Old Navy. You can buy a lot of crap for that. And by crap - i mean crap, ugly ass fall clothes. Go for the Purses!

Sammath: Oh my god. Look at Miss Jay's Hair.

He looks like a Golden Girl.

Raq: I like Miss Jay's Hair!

Sammath: Ok. This is a No-Smoking Season. Tyra's banned smoking. What a bitch. What if we threw her on a show and told her she couldn't be self-involved anymore. She'd never talk.

Sammath:You know... I don't know about this whole Tyra Empire anymore.

Raq: I know. Tyra's out of control.

Sammath: Seriously. We should start our own show. It could be like the new Absolutlely Fabulous. I'll be the short one that drinks alot and you can be the tall, skinny bimbo. But you have to bleach your hair.

Raq: And we could wear clothes that showcase our vagina armpits.

And I could be the token cripple. With the messed up leg.

Sammath: Right. And when I ask you to explain why your leg is so messed up you can be like, "Well, I got this horrible disease and I was just -

Raq: Don't forget to cry.

Sammath: "Walking around and really upset and -"

And then I could interupt you and be all, "Lord, girl - when I was 6, I totally stubbed my toe! And I know you can relate, because I"m Tyra and i've done everything and said everything and i'm queen of the universe."

Raq: hahahahaha



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