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Jane Complain

Monday, October 1, 2007
Hi, I'm Jane Complain.

I have a headache every single day.

I've tried the doctor, a chiropractor, massage, exercise, eating better, allergy testing and all natural remedies.
I have had a headache solid since April of this year.

I started taking magnesium for stress/tension headaches. It has not helped.
I am beginning to feel like Zack Braff in Garden State - always medicated and floating through life on a prescription drug cloud.

I'm tired of feeling like my head is full of poison.
I'm sick of trying everything and never having it work.

I am sick of complaining about having a headache.

Can anyone help me?

(seriously - please leave input if you have a great solution - remedy - headache specialist - something you think i've been missing...

i've tested foods, pets, nature, etc. for allergies - none. I have no sense of smell... i work out 5-6 days a week. I eat really healthy. I drink a ton of water ( a TON). I get good sleep (thanks to ambien lately) -- I'm happy - I'm healthy - i'm doing everything right and getting no result. Seriously. Help me. I'm pulling the complain card and saying one of the worst things is having to live with a constant, god damn headache).

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