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Oh for pete's sake...

Sunday, October 7, 2007
I was just about hit by some stupid volvo station wagon that was freeriding around near Broadway and Ellsworth. - then insulted by one of the most insecure people i've ever known for no good reason at all.



People are not on my good side tonight.
And while I love all of the music at the Hi-dive - i no longer fit in with the 'hipster' crowd.
I felt like a total transplant.
Alien, if you will.
Next time, I need to bring reinforcements (i.e. glasses, leggings, a shirt dress and ballet slippers. And a really tall, cute protective boyfriend. Where can i get one of those?)

I"m in such bamboo (bad mood) now. And angry. And still with headache. @(#*@(*$&@ !

Quick - someone say something to cheer me up.

P.S. - on another note - I had a dream last night of hand holding and dancing and a whole intimate kind of vibe with one Dave Matthews - and I keep feining for him today.

Why Dave?

I don't understand... but I woke up smiling like a dumb-founded idiot this morning, hands clasped beneath my cheek on my pillow. I'm sure I looked like a love-sick puppy.

Apparently I"m missing companionship/intimacy/the fun flirtatiousness of a relationship...

*sigh* and the bad mood continues...



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