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Tori! Tore! Tory! OR! SBTB

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

So my original intent was for this to be about Tori Spelling... about how I've never really liked her - I think mostly because of that botched boob job where her chest is just too concave for me to understand how she thot it could be good looking... Oh - and because she's always been obnoxious as hell.

But I've watched a little bit of Inn Love and damn, sam... if she can score a man like Dean McDermott... then she has to be doing something right.

But the whole purpose really was to reflect on her most successful Role to Date.

No... It's not as newly ordained minister at her Bed and Breakfast.
and no... It's not even 90210...

It's the girl that all of us cool kids that grew up in the 90s loved as Samuel Screech Powers Girlfriend, Violet Bickerstaff.
This is where I normally put a picture to reference - or even a video - but I think Tori's people were all over that because I couldn't find one damn piece of evidence that her roll on that show even existed.

So instead --- I found a bunch of SBTB Videos...mostly to make you laugh -
Because really - where would we be without Lisa Turtle, Kelly Kapowski, AC Slater, Zack Morris, Screech Powers and Jessie Spano of Striptease fame...

The THEME song!
Because you know just like Fresh Prince of Bellaire - you totally have this memorized.

She's So excited SNRPUGRGF! (Raquel!)
Because it's just Funny

Bellback Mountain...
Because you put Mario and Mark Paul Gosseler in a sandwich... with me... and it's one delicious snack.

Say Nope To Dope!
Because the Cool kids of SBTB were always keeping us drug free and proud.

Everlasting Love
Because you kind of always hoped the geek would get the fashion queen (until we found out he was a complete dick on VH1 Fit Club)

Zack and Kelly
Cheese x 1000. Because People spend their time remixing show clips to current pop songs! Oh... my....god!

Slater's Dance Moves
Because he's wearing little sweat pants and... since when did dancing like that ever get a girl? hahahahaha

Zack Morris
Best for last. hahahaha. Zack Morris, Bitches... only he could inspire an intire school dance like that...



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