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H-A-Double L - O - W - Double E - N

Monday, October 8, 2007
Ok... So surprisingly, I've gotten a rearing head start on Halloween this year. Probably because October is shaping up to be an extremely busy month with work, projects, music and visitors!

So I went to target last night and strolled right on into Halloween Universe!

I found this:

And I thot - hilarious. Warm. Groovy.

But I can't think of what to be for sure... or if I should go for Sexy, Animal, Hilarious or Flirty...

I then journeyed into Fascinations with my bff and found the cutest little thing...

Things that came to mind...

Of course, I'd have to walk around all night with my mouth wide open like that...

I've also came across a twister board(to continually yell (right hand GREEN! all night) and a cute, cuddly little lion...
and thot about doing a kissing booth to make some bucks and smooch a few babes...

but I"m still not really sure...

So I thot i'd put it out there to all ya'all to see if you can help me :)
<---- If you look on over to your left - I've listed some choices (make sure you scroll to the bottom) along with an Other (in which case - please leave your suggestions in my comment box!

Thanks a bunch!



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